Palm Sports

Company Overview

Palms Sports is the largest JiuJitsu training company in the world, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Starting Nov 01, 2019, it is a part of IHC. Our mission is aligned with UAE Government’s key education and training authorities, aiming to build a generation of athletes who inspire our nation. Our business profile is focused on the development and implementation of sports and training programs. We partnered with UAEJJF with the aim of building a stronger generation. Palms Sports currently delivers the world’s largest mass JiuJitsu program. .

Our company implements training programs for several sports, such as JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, swimming, traditional rowing and fitness, with many more to come in the near future. We serve clients from both public and private educational sector, government and quasi-government authorities and private JiuJitsu sports clubs. Our services focus on the development and implementation of strategic and curricular mass-education and sports training programs, sports facilities, marketing and consultancy services. We also offer sports program evaluation, sports event management, and provide wide-scale sporting goods and equipment.

Strategic initiatives

Emirati Fit Program was launched in 2018 in 88 Ministry of Education schools with more than 19,000 students taking part in over 1,8000 fun, game-based lessons. The initiative aimed to promote and nurture the development of healthy lifestyle, focus on weight management and fitness. Mohammed Bin Zayed Program came to life in 2019 with the aim of helping more than 800 refugee students. It purported to enhance cultural exchange and, most importantly, to provide humanitarian help through practical lessons of JiuJitsu, self-defense training and English language lessons. Lastly, our on-going strategic initiative is Palms Sports Academies, which will extend over the next financial year. We have already inaugurated 4 academies in Abu Dhabi, with a total of 30 to be finished by the end of 2020. Academies aim to prepare athletes to succeed by providing them with highly specialised JiuJitsu training.

Business Market Overview

Following JiuJitsu introduction in Abu Dhabi’s government schools in 2011, Palms Sports was soon established to fulfil the needs of this niche and positioned ourselves as the largest JiuJitsu mass training provider in the world
We continuously strengthen our competitive advantage with a focus on combative sports and wider sports education domain, overseen by our multi-disciplined team of world-class professionals Palms Sports is determined to guide current and future Emirati generations towards a healthy lifestyle, a future of fitness and well-being by developing and implementing mass sports and training programs which will encourage and support the pursuit of excellence throughout the community.

Market outlook

The past decades registered concerning levels of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, as UAE consistently ranks among nations with heavy financial and non-financial burdens inflicted by the associated opportunity costs, in form of financial losses and reduced workforce productivity. Following this, the UAE purports to nurture and promote sporting ecosystems in which multiple generations are encouraged to take part in active education and practical programs regarding the development of lifelong habits. Jiu-Jitsu remarked itself as a leading example of popular mass-scale adoption on the global scape and it serves as the foundation on which other sports can grow in popularity, which provides sturdy evidence that the practice of sports in the UAE will continue to grow.

Business performance report 2019

Our company consistently exceeds YoY financial performance in nearly every reporting period. 8% YTD decrease in net profits, from AED 78 to AED 84 million from previous year is the result of the unprecedented surge in unbudgeted expenses during 2019 which are linked to the rejuvenation of the Abu Dhabi Warriors Fighting Championship & JJIF Sponsorship; however, we diligently remain at par with 1% net profits growth.
Our primary client GHQ renewed our contract at a 4% discount, which with the conscientiousness and expertise of the management, Palms Sports registered a 4% increase in revenues from AED 243 million to AED 254 million YoY.

New initiatives/key projects in 2019

We organised further initiatives and developments in 2019. They include MMA training and competitions to Government affiliates training programs, a partnership with the International Ju-Jitsu Federation in sponsoring and availing logistical assistance to various high-level internationally acclaimed competitions, participating in several symposiums and presentations on Jiu-Jitsu in the UAE and abroad.
Furthermore, we delivered swimming training programs and activities in 42 Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi and we inaugurated the very first school ‘traditional rowing training program’ in select Abu Dhabi schools and will disseminate the very same program across the UAE by January 2020. We launched Palms Sports Academies, through which elite level training is availed to outstanding Jiu-Jitsu athletes, providing a direct pathway to UAE national team. Lastly, we planned the rejuvenation of the Abu Dhabi Warriors and later UAE Warriors; quickly becoming the largest MMA promotion in the region and cementing its status as one of the most prestigious MMA championships by attracting top-tier MMA fighters from across the globe

Palm Sports