Chairman’s Message

Since establishment in 1999, International Holdings Company (IHC) has evolved from being a company primarily involved in the aquaculture industry into an investment holding company featuring various operating assets. Today, IHC is a public joint stock company with investments in diversified operating companies. IHC’s core business purpose includes investing and developing quality food and Feed supply business in the UAE and across the world, and actively participating in UAE economic development projects by investing in real estate and Industrial sector.

Every one of our businesses has been established to solve unique challenges in the region and across the world. Through carefully planned and highly targeted investment strategies covering various operating assets, we evaluate and execute value-accretive financial opportunities, creating value for our stakeholders, diversifying investments across operating asset classes, generating fair returns, and mitigating risk. Our primary focus areas are the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the North American territories, and the Far East.

While we are continuing to grow our current businesses, we are also looking to add operating asset classes to our portfolio of investments. IHC is a highly governed and regulated holding group of companies, and I am honoured to work with highly qualified and talented board and team members. Moving forward, we will continue to be a fully transparent organisation. Thanks to our vast business experience and unique industry focus we have been able to build a company culture based on exceptional performance. This allows us to consistently align management’s and owners’ interests, introducing world-class investors to companies and transforming their visibility on capital markets. We are also passionate about sustainability across all of our businesses, taking significant care to consider the communities in which each company operates, and keeping people and surrounding environments top of mind through a wide range of CSR initiatives.

I am confident that by continuing to keep our focus trained on cost, reliable performance, and creating long-term value, IHC will be able to develop and nurture all of its businesses consistently. Through the pursuit of profitable opportunities and by offering our shareholders long-term value, we look forward to a prosperous future together.

H.E. Nader Al Hammadi
Chairman of IHC