Alliance Food Security Holdings

Alliance Food Security Holdings (AFSH) is a group made up of global partners and forage experts with over 300 years’ combined experience. As international-level, technology-driven integrated animal feed experts working in the purchasing, processing and sale of animal feed – from forage to roughage to containerised feed commodities – the company offers a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices. Alliance sources its products from North America, Spain, South America, and South Africa with products being harvested nearly all year ‘round in the western hemisphere. Products are not harvested during the winter months in the eastern hemisphere. The organisation’s experienced team provides end-to-end business and farm-to-client solutions through procurement, processing, storage, logistics, transportation, sales, marketing and technical support, creating one of the largest networks for sourcing and market access and working to create a sustainable, high-end forage supply chain for food producers and food security agencies.

Product innovation offers the company an opportunity to develop adjacent products and byproducts for the forage industry, particularly in dairy. By investing in fundamental research regarding product formulation, testing, and new product launches, it continues to foster thought leadership in the forage industry. The company, striving to achieve modern food security based on strategic alliances with governments and private sector enterprises, aims to take its offering public through the launch of an IPO. While alfalfa is not yet a traded commodity, it is a critical ingredient to dairy rations all over the world. Thanks to the company’s stringent inventory control, impressive rates of return, access to global markets, low investments, low risk, high-quality standards, and exceptional management, AFSH offers food producers and food security supply chains great options. Adding value by controlling the whole supply chain – starting with farming and long-term contract-and-spot acquisitions, and finishing with delivery to end users – it ensures the application of best practices at each stage. AFSH is a true end-to-end supply-chain company, covering farming, acquiring, processing and packaging, delivering, and marketing and distribution.